As a tenant, you have the right to equal treatment in housing without discrimination. Our property manager adheres strictly to the BC Human Rights Code and the BC Residential Tenancy Act.

As a applicant, you will not be refused a rental with us or otherwise treated unfairly because of your:

  • race, colour or ethnic background
  • religious beliefs or practices
  • ancestry, including people of Aboriginal descent
  • place of origin
  • citizenship, including refugee status
  • sex (including pregnancy and gender identity)
  • family status
  • marital status, including people with a same-sex partner
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age, including people who are 16 or 17 years old and no longer living with their parents
  • receipt of public assistance

PLEASE NOTE: We screen all our tenants for credit reports and check all past and present references. Please be prepared to provide these documents upon request.

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